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    Excellence in Criminal Law Advocacy

    Facing charges can be one of life's most daunting challenges. At AWS Legal Group, we stand by your side, transforming uncertainty into confidence. Drawing inspiration three generations of lawyers, we've built a legacy of legal excellence since 1995, championing justice and protecting the rights of our clients with a dedication that's second to none.


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    Choosing the right legal representation in criminal law matters can be daunting. At AWS Legal Group, we make the decision clear. Our deep roots in the legal profession, combined with a modern approach to criminal defense, set us apart. Our team’s expertise spans the full spectrum of criminal law, ensuring that every client receives personalized, empathetic, and effective representation.


    Our ethical standards guide every action, ensuring transparency and trust.

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    With specialized knowledge of the UAE’s legal system, we offer unmatched expertise.


    Our commitment to achieving the best possible outcomes is unwavering.

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    Facing criminal allegations can be overwhelming. Let AWS Legal Group guide you through every step with our expert knowledge and dedicated representation. Schedule a meeting now to discuss your case.

    Areas of Expertise

    Comprehensive Criminal Law Services

    We specialize in a wide array of criminal law areas, ensuring you receive expert advice and defense no matter the offence in the UAE.

    Violent and Personal Crimes

    Assault and Battery

    From minor scuffles to serious attacks.

    Homicide and Manslaughter

    Legal expertise in cases from unintentional to premeditated.

    International Trade Litigation

    Including rape and sexual assault, with sensitive and robust defense.

    Kidnapping and False Imprisonment

    Defending cases of unlawful detention and abduction.

    Domestic Violence

    Expertise in handling sensitive family-related violent crimes.

    Financial and Property Crimes:

    Fraud and Embezzlement

    From corporate fraud to personal financial deceit.

    Money Laundering

    Complex defense in illegal money handling and transactions.

    Theft, Burglary, and Robbery

    Defending property crimes, from petty theft to armed robbery.

    Cheque Bounce and Financial Misconduct

    Expertise in financial disputes including cheque fraud.

    Copyright and Intellectual Property Infringement

    Safeguarding intellectual rights and addressing piracy.

    Cyber and White-Collar Crimes


    Defense against online fraud, hacking, identity theft, and other internet-related crimes.

    Corporate Fraud

    Specializing in crimes committed within or against corporations.

    Forgery and Counterfeiting

    Legal expertise in document falsification and imitation cases.

    Regulatory and Statutory Crimes

    Drug-related Offenses

    From possession to trafficking, including prescription drug cases.

    Driving under the Influence (DUI)

    Defense for DUI and related vehicular offenses.

    Environmental Crimes

    Including illegal dumping, pollution, and wildlife protection violations.

    Public Order Crimes

    Handling cases from public intoxication to disorderly conduct.

    Other Specialized Areas

    Arson and Criminal Damage:

    Legal defense for intentionally damaging property by fire or otherwise.

    Pretenses and False Representations:

    Dealing with crimes of deception and misrepresentation.


    Addressing legal concerns related to the destruction of property.

    Misdemeanours and Felonies

    Comprehensive defense across a spectrum of minor and major offenses.

    Secure Your Future with Proven Legal Defense

    Criminal charges demand swift and effective action. Trust AWS Legal Group to deliver the defense you need. Reach out to us now to ensure your rights are protected and your freedom preserved.

    Meet Our Experts

    A Team Committed to Your Defense

    Our criminal law division is spearheaded by luminaries such as Aws M. Younus, a visionary with international experience and a legacy deeply rooted in the legal profession. Our team’s expertise is your strongest ally in navigating the complexities of criminal charges, offering a beacon of hope and a clear path toward justice.

    AWS M. Younus

    Founder of Aws Legal Group

    Mr. Aws is a distinguished Lawyer and Legal Consultant with over 30 years of expertise. Demonstrated capability in handling high-profile cases and delivering strategic advantages to clients across diverse legal environments.

    Omar Al Arsan

    Head of Litigation

    Mr. Omar is the Head of Litigation and has a proven ability to handle significant and complex cases, achieving a high success rate through strategic legal approaches

    Mostafa Sobhy

    Head of Egypt Office

    With over 16 years of experience, Mr. Mostafa has successfully handled hundreds of cases across various domains, including financial and personal criminal law. His hands-on experience in courtroom proceedings and case preparation is exemplary

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    Success Stories

    A Legacy of Victories and Achievements

    Our record speaks volumes, with over 10,000 successful cases and a history of setting legal precedents. From landmark judgments to complex defense strategies, our achievements highlight our commitment to excellence and the trust our clients place in us.

    Why Clients Trust Us

    Your Rights, Our Mission

    Transparent & Quick Communication:We keep you informed every step of the way.

    Client-Centered Approach:Tailored strategies that prioritize your needs and objectives.

    Worldwide Recognition:A globally acknowledged firm with local expertise.

    Track Record of Success:A proven history of favorable outcomes for our clients.


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    Mr. John Doe Business

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